UIUX Design


Koko is a web-based spot-a-difference game inspired by the game “Aha Experience,” which was popularized by a Japanese TV show more than a decade ago. By making this nostalgic game browser-based, I have made it easier than ever for anyone to play. All you need is your smartphone or computer! Show details


Are you looking for a simple game to help you break the ice with new people at a party? Namit is the perfect iOS game for people like you. The game’s stylish and modern UI and simple rules will surely help you get along with anybody in no time! Show details

Brand Identity Work

Charriso is a homey hideaway Korean bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. I designed their logo and menu that would appeal to a variety of people, from young women to businessmen on their way home from work. Show details
Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” is a famous drawing of a perfect man that everyone has seen at least once. I designed a logo for Physician Wellness Consultant, an American consultant company inspired by this drawing, with the idea that being in perfect health is the first step to being a perfect human.
Physician Wellness Consultant: a consultant company in US Show details
Cococana is a brand new hair salon in Shibuya, Tokyo. By using a combination of a modern and elegant image of a lotus and a font that evokes Japanese Showa era, I created a design that is familiar to a wide range of people, from young to old. Show details


JUMPFULL: online athletic brand merchandise (silkscreen printed T-shirt)
N/A: bilingual business card for a professional guitar player

More projects

Itadakimasu No Kotaeawase – Tomoya (2023)

“Sunken” (Daizen Tomoki) album art for an online streaming service (Clip Studio & Photoshop)

“HOPE” charcoal drawing on paper