Motivational TED Talks About Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour(freerunning) is my life. I have been learning so many things from it. It took me to so many places, and I met so many people through practicing parkour. Here are some TED talks about parkour and freerunning. I hope these videos inspire you to start parkour and remind your possibility.

Finding your intuition through movement: Brad Short at TEDxBocaRaton

Parkour and The Art of Problem-Solving: Zachary Cohn at TEDxSeattle

TEDxFlourCity – CharlesMoreland – Parkour Training

Parkour and the Art of Play: Ryan Ford at TEDxYouth@MileHigh

Our relationship with fear: Sebastien Foucan at TEDxEaling

Seeing obstacles as opportunities – Parkour way of life: Ali Kadhim at TEDxParramatta

The power of movement | Bart van der Linden | TEDxRoermond

Parkour is Expression: TEDxYouth@Hollywood Opening: FLOW at TEDxYouth@Hollywood

Using Parkour to rethink how we move in our everyday environment | Blake Evitt | TEDxSomerville

Familiarity Breeds Confidence | Damien Puddle | TEDxRuakura

Shaping Modern Society Through Parkour | Robert Bennett | TEDxUVU

Parkour — Change Exercise as a Play: Caitlin Pontrella at TEDxBrooklyn

Parkour; a way to conquer obstacles in life | Deepak Mali | TEDxEMWS

Parkour: the language of the body | Daniel Wan | TEDxYouth@HongKong

Getting from A to B as quickly as you can. My parkour adventure. | Grzegorz Niecko | TEDxGdansk

A parkour state of mind: Matthew D. Lamb at TEDxPSU

What it means to explore, with parkour: Travis TJ Ranson at TEDxAdelaide

TEDxKids@Yerevan – Hayk Davtyan – Parkour and overcoming fears

TEDxUbud – Tah Riq Amawi – Taking a Leap: From Desktop to Rooftop

(Japanese Audio) Learning How to Fight with Yourself Through Parkour | TEDxHokkaidoU | Mitsuki Matsuda | TEDxHokkaidoU

Last Updated: Oct. 19th 2016




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